Which bedroom lamp should I choose?

Which bedroom lamp should I choose?

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There are an awful lot of different types of bedroom lighting. Which lamps do you need for your bedroom and what are they for? You can read about it in this blog!

What types of bedroom lighting are there?

Pendant lamps

Pendant lamps are lighting fixtures that hang down from the ceiling. You have them in all kinds of styles, from minimalist and modern to classic or industrial. Pendant lights can serve as both functional lighting and decorative elements in a room. They can be placed above dining tables, in living rooms or in hallways, and they often provide a focal point in the room.

Ceiling lamp

Ceiling lights are fixed directly to the ceiling. They come in different types, such as surface-mounted and recessed ceiling lamps. Ceiling lights generally provide ambient lighting, which means they illuminate the whole room evenly. They are useful for areas where a lot of light is needed, such as hallways, kitchens and bathrooms.

Bed lamp

A bedside lamp is a smaller lamp often placed next to a bed. It is meant to provide personal lighting for activities such as reading, relaxing or even as a soft light before going to sleep. Bedside lamps have a warm glow to create a cosy atmosphere.

Bedside table lamp

A nightstand lamp is specifically designed to sit on a bedside table next to a bed. These lamps are usually smaller and offer a softer light to prevent the bedroom from being too bright when you just wake up or just before bedtime.


Spotlights, or recessed lights, are small light fixtures that can be built into the ceiling, wall or floor. They are often used to provide accent or directional lighting on specific areas, such as furniture or works of art. Spotlights can be rotatable or tiltable, allowing you to adjust the direction of light.

Reading lamp

A reading lamp is a lamp that you can place to provide directional light when you are reading. These lamps usually have an adjustable arm or flexible neck, so you can aim the light directly at your book, magazine or other reading material. They can range from floor-standing lamps to table lamps and wall lamps.


Popular bedroom lighting

In bedrooms, you have functional lighting, which illuminates the bedroom well, brightly. But you also have decorative lighting. Decorative lighting brings atmosphere to the room. It is often a warm lamp that is not too bright.


The best bedroom lamps from ET48

Calex Smart

Calex Smart lighting offers an excellent option for lamps in your bedroom because of its combination of functionality and convenience. The Calex Smart line is divided into two different groups: functional bedroom lighting and decorative bedroom lighting, which together offer a lot of options to meet all your needs.

Calex Smart's functional lights are designed to meet the everyday needs of your bedroom. Think standard lamps, candle lamps, or spotlights.

Calex Smart's decorative lights add some atmosphere and personality to your room. They enhance the ambiance of your bedroom. Available in a variety of warm colour options.

Calex's lamps connect with wifi and are therefore dimmable via an app or via remote control.


Dimming lighting

Dim lighting allows you to adjust the atmosphere in your bedroom to different times of the day. You can dim the light for a relaxed and cosy ambience, perfect for reading a book, watching TV or relaxing before bed.

Bright light can affect your biological clock and make it harder to unwind. With dim lighting, you can transform your bedroom into a calming environment conducive to relaxation and a good night's sleep.

If you need to get out of bed at night to go to the toilet, for example, bright light can suddenly make you more awake, which can make it harder to fall back asleep. With dim lighting, you can gently illuminate yourself without waking you up completely.


How many lamps do I need in the bedroom?

How many lamps you need in your bedroom depends on several factors, including the size of the room, its layout, your lighting needs and personal preferences. But you often see three different types of lighting in the bedroom:

Basic lighting, here think of your ceiling lights. For example, a nice ceiling lamp, pendant lamp or built-in spotlights.
Lighting by the bed, such as reading lights or bedside table lamps are also an important place for lighting in the bedroom.
Decorative lighting, for example a nice, warm mood lamp in the corner of the bedroom.

Functional bedroom lighting

Popular functional bedroom lighting are lamps like pendant or ceiling lights. You also occasionally see spotlights in bedrooms.


Mood lighting in the bedroom

Bedside table lamps and reading lamps are popular for decorative bedroom lighting. These lamps are not too bright, provide nice warm light and create a pleasant atmosphere in the bedroom.

LED lighting in the bedroom

Nowadays almost all lighting is LED. Simply because this is more economical and saves more energy. The functional bedroom lighting is often LED lamps. A big mistake people often make is thinking that LED is bright, cold light. This used to be the case, but nowadays there are also nice warm LED lamps available. Perfect for decorative mood lighting!

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