Wattage, All You Need to Know

Wattage, All You Need to Know

You find out how many watts you need for your new LED lights. This is, in fact, not so easy to determine, because the wattage of your outdated, conventional bulb does not match new LED lighting. Thus, the wattage of a new LED product will always be lower than the bulb it replaces, because it uses less energy!

What does wattage mean?
Wattage expresses the electrical power capacity of a lamp. It is expressed in watts (W) and indicates exactly how much (light) energy a lamp consumes or delivers. The higher the lamp's power is, the more energy the lamp consumes. Wattage is therefore used in most cases to represent the power of a lamp.

How many watts does a LED bulb have?
For many people, replacing old bulbs with new ones like LED bulbs is a difficult job because they don't know how many watts they need. This is because most modern LED bulbs are much more efficient, requiring a lower wattage to emit the same amount of light (lumens).

The number of watts a LED bulb has is actually not that important. So we recommend you focus mainly on the number of lumens. This is the most reliable and easy way to compare your new bulbs with your old ones.

To be completely sure, you can also check which wattage for your new LED bulb matches the wattage of the old bulb you are going to replace. To help you get started easily, you will find some handy tables in this blog article. You can consult these to convert the wattage of your old lamps to modern light sources.

What is good kitchen and study lighting?
Proper lighting in the kitchen really is a necessity. Only this way will you have enough light while cutting vegetables and preparing your food. In addition, the right kitchen lighting also gives you a good view of your countertop and cooker. The lighting needed in your kitchen corresponds to the lamps for a home office. We recommend the following wattages for these two spaces:

A LED Lamp with an output between 5 and 7 watts.
This corresponds to a light output of 300 to 500 lumens.
This bulb is an excellent replacement for a 30 to 40-watt incandescent bulb.

How many watts does an energy-saving light bulb have?
An energy-saving light bulb is a very popular choice because it is much more efficient in consumption and power than incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes, for example. The energy-saving bulb is about 5 times more efficient than the incandescent bulb. For example, a 25-watt incandescent lamp is replaced by an energy-saving lamp with a capacity of 5 watts.

However, in recent years, LED bulbs have mainly been chosen because this energy-efficient replacement does not contain toxic substances such as mercury and also requires up to 60% less energy. LED lamps are therefore even more efficient than a traditional incandescent lamp. Our range consists of plenty of economical LED energy-saving bulbs, discover them here!

What wattage do you need for outdoor use?
We also quickly give you the required wattage for the garden, so you can create extra atmosphere here too. With our garden lighting, you can enjoy your summer even longer. So you are no longer bound to daylight! For the garden, we recommend the following lamps:

  • A LED Lamp with a wattage between 5 and 6 watts.
  • This comes across with a light output of 200 to 400 Lumen
  • This replaces a 25 to 40-watt incandescent bulb.

Now that you know how many watts you need for your new bulb, you can finally replace your old, energy-guzzling bulbs. Take a quick look in our webshop, where you will find energy-efficient and modern bulbs that consume little energy!

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