Pulse dimmer

A pulse dimmer is not equipped with a conventional dimmer axis but with a click system. The dimmer is built behind a pulse switch and can be operated using this click system. Now available for purchase via the webshop for €27.95!

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5001PD LED Pulse dimmer | Pulse switch
5001PD LED Pulse dimmer | Pulse switch
The led pulse switch 3-200W/VA, 150W led is suitable for dimming (filament) led,...
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Pulse dimmer

What is a pulse dimmer?

A pulse switch is not equipped with a conventional dimmer axis but with a click system. The dimmer is built behind a pulse switch and can be operated using this click system. The way the switch is pressed determines whether the lighting is turned on or off, or dimmed.

With these pulse switches, the dimmer can be controlled from different locations. The dimmer can be operated with up to 15 pulse switches and is universally compatible with all brands of pulse switches such as Gira, Jung, Peha, Berker, Kopp, etc.

The dimming speed (how quickly the dimmer goes from minimum to maximum dimming) is easy to adjust using the adjustment screw. The minimum and maximum dimming levels can also be easily set using the dimming level screw. Additionally, the dimmer has an option to remember the last dimming level, even if there has been a power interruption.

One thing to note is the built-in depth of the pulse dimmer. Check to ensure that the entire assembly (pulse pushbutton + dimmer module) fits into the installation box.


Which lamps work with my pulse dimmer?

Tradim's pulse dimmers come in various versions and options. The pulse dimmers are available for incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, or LED lamps. However, it is crucial that the lamps are dimmable! Pay extra attention to this when purchasing compatible lamps. If you already have lamps, there is an icon on the lamp box indicating whether it is dimmable or not.


What are the benefits of a pulse dimmer?

  • Light and atmosphere can be precisely adjusted with this type of dimmer.
  • Pulse dimmers ensure that less electricity is wasted as they use short pulses of energy, resulting in high energy efficiency.


What wattage pulse dimmer do I need?

The required wattage for a pulse dimmer depends on the total power of the lamps or fixtures you want to dim. It is important to choose a pulse dimmer suitable for the power you want to control to prevent overload and possible disruptions.

When selecting a pulse dimmer, check the maximum wattage the dimmer can support. This wattage is usually indicated on the packaging or in the dimmer specifications. Ensure that the maximum wattage of the dimmer is higher than the total wattage of the lamps you want to connect. It's also a good idea to consider any potential future changes to your lighting setup.

Keep in mind that some dimmers require a minimum wattage to function correctly. If the total wattage of the connected lamps is lower than the minimum wattage of the dimmer, issues such as flickering lights or unstable dimming performance may occur.

If you have doubts about the correct wattages for your specific situation or if you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us here.

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