LED Retrofit: smart cost savings with lighting

LED Retrofit: smart cost savings with lighting

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What is LED Retrofit?

LED Retrofit simply means upgrading existing lighting systems by replacing traditional light sources with modern, energy-efficient LED lamps. The goal is to enjoy the benefits of LED technology, such as longer life, higher energy efficiency and improved light quality, without having to completely replace your existing fixtures.

How is LED Retrofit used?

Using LED Retrofit is simple and effective. Instead of replacing the entire fixture, the existing bulbs (for example, incandescent, fluorescent or halogen bulbs) are simply swapped with LED bulbs. These LED bulbs are designed to fit into standard fittings, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of LED technology without major changes to your lighting system.


How can you use it in and around the house?

Atmospheric Living Room

Replace your old incandescent bulbs with warm LED bulbs for a cozy atmosphere in the living room.
Experiment with dimmable LED bulbs to adjust light intensity to suit different activities.

Functional Kitchen Lighting

Upgrade fluorescent tubes above the kitchen sink with bright LED bulbs for better visibility while cooking.
Choose daylight-colored LED lights to give the kitchen a fresh look.

Relaxed Bedroom Lighting

Create a soothing atmosphere by replacing the old lamps in the bedroom with soft, dimmable LED bulbs.
Consider smart LED lights that you can control with your smartphone for ultimate convenience.

Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting

Upgrade your garden or patio with energy-efficient LED bulbs for ambient outdoor lighting.
Install motion sensors with LED lights for security and energy savings.



Tips for Your LED Retrofit Project

Evaluate your current lighting

  • Identify the lights in and around the house you want to replace and determine if your current fixtures are suitable for LED Retrofit.

Choose the right LED bulbs

  • Understand the different types of LED bulbs and select the ones that fit the desired atmosphere and functionality in each room.

Professional installation (if needed).



LED Retrofit doesn't just offer a technological upgrade; it's an opportunity to transform your home environment. Whether you want to improve the ambiance in your living room, make the kitchen more functional, or install energy-efficient lighting in your garden, LED Retrofit is the key to a smart, ambient and energy-efficient home. Don't hesitate to embrace this technology and discover for yourself how LED Retrofit can transform your home environment.

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