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What are dimmers?

You will find lamps or other light sources in almost every room. Lamps give light to rooms, but also create a cosy and warm atmosphere.

Nowadays, you will find more and more dimmers. These are electrical devices that can change the brightness of lamps. Cinemas, shops and restaurants often use dimmers, but more and more dimmers are also installed in homes. Dimmers can vary the amount of electric current sent to a lamp, changing the intensity of the light to your liking.


Advantages of using dimmers:

* Variable lighting: Dimmers allow you to adjust the intensity of your lighting to different situations. So you can make the light in your rooms brighter when you need extra illumination, or softer when you need less light.
* Energy savings: By using dimmers to make your lamps shine less brightly, you use less energy which will significantly reduce your energy bill.
* Longer life of your bulbs: A dimmer can extend the life of your incandescent, LED and halogen bulbs. This is because under lower voltage and at lower brightness, bulbs age and wear out less quickly.


Different types of dimmers:

A rotary knob dimmer: This is one of the most common dimmers. This dimmer has a round rotary knob with which you can change the brightness of your lamps.
A sliding dimmer: This type of dimmer has a slider that you can move back and forth to change the light level of your lamps.
A push-button dimmer: Push-button dimmers usually have one button (sometimes several buttons) that you can press briefly to switch your lamps on or off, and hold down long to change the light intensity.
Digital dimmers: These are dimmers that can be controlled via a screen, where you can change the light intensity of your lamps by operating the screen. Often, these dimmers are also connected to a smart home system, allowing you to control the light intensity via an app or even voice control.
A remote control dimmer: These dimmers require you to operate via a remote control, which can be very handy if you like to control your lights from a distance.

Understanding the functions of dimmers

How dimmers regulate light intensity
Dimmers work in different ways, depending on the type, brand and type of lamp they control. The most common dimmers are resistive dimmers, inductive dimmers and electronic dimmers.

These electronic devices are thus used to regulate the light intensity of lighting. They work by regulating the amount of current sent to the light source, which allows us to change the light intensity.

There are several ways to change the light intensity of lamps. This can be done by changing the resistance in the circuit, by changing the voltage using a transformer or by switching the current on and off quickly, a technique called pulse width modulation (PWM). The latter technique is mainly used in LED dimmers.

Dimmer systems and compatibility
When choosing a dimmer system, you should consider the compatibility the dimmer and your light sources. This is important because not all dimmers are suitable for all types of lamps. There are different types of lamps, such as incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, LED lamps, energy-saving lamps... So before you start looking for a dimmer system, you need to check which type of lamp you are actually looking for a dimmer for.

Choosing the right type of dimmer for different light sources
We have just written about the importance of dimmer compatibility, but in addition to compatibility, you should also consider the specifications and functions of the dimmer you want to buy.

Would you like a cheaper model that has few features? Then opt for a rotary button dimmer. On the other hand, are you someone who likes technological gadgets and wants a lot of functions? Then choose a digital dimmer that you can also control with a smartphone.


Installing dimmers

Safety precautions and electrical requirements
Fortunately, to connect a dimmer to your lights, you don't have to be a handy Harry. Although this job seems difficult, it is not all that difficult. However, it is important to always follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety measures. This will ensure a flawless and safe installation.

Step-by-step guide for installing dimmers
To ensure safe installation of your dimmer, it is advisable to follow a reliable step-by-step plan. To get you started, we have prepared a step-by-step guide for you below.

* Remove power from the circuit your lamp is connected to.
* Remove the current switch from your lamp: Carefully loosen the existing switch using a screwdriver. Then carefully pull the switch off your wall and disconnect all wires.
* Connect all wires to your (new) dimmer: Carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions to connect your wires correctly to the connection points on your dimmer. After connecting, you can secure the wires with wire nuts.
* Carefully place your dimmer back in the flush-mounting box and then screw it down securely with the screws provided.
* Once your dimmer is properly screwed down, you can reattach the dimmer button on your dimmer according to the manufacturer's instructions.
* Finally, switch the power back on to your lamp's circuit and test that your dimmer works correctly.


Troubleshooting when installing dimmers

* My dimmer does not work: Check that your dimmer is compatible with the type of lamp it is connected to. Also check that all wires are connected correctly.
* Blinking or flickering bulbs: This problem can be caused by an incorrect load. Make sure the wattage of your lamps is within the power range of your dimmer. The maximum wattage of your dimmer is always indicated on the box.
* A buzzing noise is a common problem and can occur when dimming certain LED lamps. This annoying noise can be reduced by using a dimmer specially designed for LED lamps.
* Overheating: If your dimmer or your lamps overheat, this may be due to an overload. Always check carefully that the load of your lamps is within the capacity of your dimmer.


Creating the perfect lighting atmosphere with dimmers

Dimmers are the ideal devices to change and set the atmosphere in your rooms and spaces. They can also be used as accent lighting.

Using a dimmer, you can change the brightness of your lighting, giving you more control over the atmosphere and look of your rooms.

Because of their great and convenient functionality, dimmers are often used in living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms. In addition, businesses also use dimmers, for example in their meeting rooms.


What are the costs of dimmers at ET48?

Are you totally convinced about dimmers and their fantastic operation? Then be sure to have a look among the dimmers in our web shop. You will find different types of dimmers, all with unique features and functionalities. Depending on your budget, you will find the dimmer tailored to your needs at ET48!

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